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As a certified Extraction and CBD Consultant, I am proud to hold a Law Degree with regulatory compliance that gives me a decided advantage when dealing with Government agencies.

I also have an undergraduate degree in BioChemistry that gives me an insight into product development and production.

And lastly, I have a MBA in finance and marketing which gives me a clear understanding of the complexities involved in obtaining either a micro or standard cultivation or processing Licenses.

Why Choose Growth West?
  • Proven, Successful Track Record

  • Educated in Multiple Facets

  • 100% Compliant with Health Canada

About Growth West

In the last eight years our firm has specialized exclusively in the Health Canada regulatory industry in filing and assisting in the processing of client applications to become licensed producers in the Canadian Legal market. We have a following of many loyal clients some of which are referenced on our website here.

Our company gives each client personal service from the President and CEO Nigel Boast one on one providing for a consistent high quality service. Our associates are also carefully selected to also provide personalised high quality service.

Our Clients Agree

  • Jeffrey MacDonald
    Mr. Boast has been a crucial consultant to ATG throughout the pre and post COR licensing process. He has provided an immense amount of experience to ATG from being a prominent and active consultant in the medical and recreational industry both in Canada and internationally. Mr. Boast has been hired by ATG on numerous occasions and has fulfilled his deliverables in a timely manner resulting in major breakthroughs throughout ATG’s licensing process. Mr. Boast also has extensive knowledge of start-ups and current players in the market and is  associated with a key network of individuals who are involved in the extraction industry.
    Jeffrey MacDonald
    COO All Things Green
  • Ray Hank
    I would like to start this email by thanking Nigel Boast & Growth West for the great service the consulting company has proved to my company. I researched & spoke with consulting companies that dealt with standard licencing & micro-licencing & decided on Growth West; for half the fees that most companies charge. Growth West also gave me one-on-one personal service & timely & efficient progress; with obtaining my Micro Craft Licence.”
    Ray Hank
    President / CEO of Hank Horizon Medical Infusion Ltd.
  • Jeff Thompson
    Nigel has written a number of business plans with detailed forward looking financial pro-formas. We were impressed with his level of detail and enjoyed working with him. Nigel also has a thorough in depth knowledge of the ACMPR License Application process and has assisted us in this regard. We would certainly highly recommend his services (ACMPR applicant)
    Jeff Thompson
    President of Farma Developed
  • Paul Doyle
    Nigel's qualifications in business, law and sciences, and professionalism along with in depth experience produced a detailed business plan which helped us with financial planning and Health Canada. I enjoyed working with him.
    Paul Doyle
    Stevensville Medical Facility

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